Human Resources Advisory Services

Advisory and Troubleshooting on HR Issues

Whenever you face problems or challenges related human resources, you may find yourself wondering: “What are the best practices in the U.S. applicable in this unique circumstance?”, “How do other companies handle this challenge?”, “What are the potential risks and pitfalls?”, and “What are the legal requirements of my state?”.

At Imageon Consulting Inc., we understand that HR tasks and issues are often tricky to navigate, and that more often than not, there is no single “right or wrong answer”, or not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. In addition, we understand that HR matters should be handled with respect and adherence to often complicated employment laws and regulations. Imageon can serve as your reliable human resources team and provide you with cost and time-effective solutions that will assist you in dealing with and troubleshooting various HR problems and challenges. Some of our top advisory services are:

  • Knowledgeable guidance for human resources operations related inquiries;
  • Troubleshoot human resources operational and/ or employee relation issues;
  • Preparation of memoranda, letters, e-mails, and other written HR documentation;
  • Review and/ or preparation of human resources documentation;
  • Timely and periodic notifications about legal updates or changes in employment law and recommending actions items for compliance initiatives;
  • Compensation benchmarking and other human resources related research;
  • Support for the administration of various regulated or internal leave programs;
  • Assistance in employee disciplinary process (e.g., preparation of warning letter, coaching for supervisor)
  • Assistance in employee separation process (e.g., risk analysis, document preparation, termination meeting talking points and guidance).

Compliance with Employment Regulations

Since the U.S. employment laws and regulations are complicated and updated periodically, it can be challenging and time-consuming to keep abreast of the most up-to-date employment regulations, interpret the requirements correctly and take the necessary measures for compliance. Imageon can support you to ensure that your HR functions are always in compliance with all legal requirements not only at the federal level but also in your state and local jurisdictions.

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Human Resources Management Programs

Effective Control of “People”, “Risk” and “Cost” for Mid and Long-term Perspectives

Hiring, growing and retaining qualified employees is becoming more challenging in the current fast-paced and competitive talent market. At the same time, different concepts and approaches may need to be applied in the U.S.; where the employment practices and employment perceptions are sometimes quite different than that of Japan. It is often very challenging to maintain HR management programs consistently and prevent the “status quo” which could create various HR challenges such as inflated labor cost, high-turnover and risk for potential employment claims.

Imageon will work with you in designing tailored human resources management programs and policies which are easy to understand and implement both from employer and employee perspective and assist you in developing the HR foundation and framework that will help you to manage people, risk and control cost effectively in the mid- and long-term perspective.

  • Development and Revision of Employee Handbook
  • Development of Job Description
  • Design and Revision of Performance Review and Compensation Programs and Processes
  • Development of internal Job Grade Structure/ Career Development Program
  • Compensation Benchmarking (Salary Survey)
USA, New York, Human Resources Management Programs

Human Resources Audit

Self-Assessment in Employment Law Compliance, Alignment with Market Best Practice and Sustainability of HR Operations

It is often difficult to identify the root causes of HR issues/ problems. Thus, many of the HR issues will be unnoticed for many years until the problems becomes severe enough to reach the surface.

Due to the complexities of U.S. employment regulations and ever-changing market trends, some businesses might operate without any assurance if they are in compliance with HR regulations or in alignment with common market practices. In addition, HR operations could easily be in jeopardy upon separation of the key HR person, especially in small to mid-size organizations.

Through an HR Audit, Imageon will assess your HR programs, processes and operations from the following perspective; Compliance with key/major employment laws and regulations; Alignment with common market practices; and Sustainability of HR operations, and assist management in understanding the current status and identifying potential risks and areas for improvement.

USA, New York, Human Resources Audit

Human Resources Training

Get Knowledge and Proper Mindset for Effective HR Management in the U.S.

When operating in the U.S., it is common for Japanese companies to face some challenges, such as conflict between expatriate management and locally-hired employees and communication challenge that can escalate to discrimination claims from time to time.

While people tend to think that these challenges are stemmed from frequent management rotation or language barriers, they are often caused by a lack of knowledge of employment regulations, differences of work and communication styles, and HR practices in the U.S. Through our interactive training sessions, which include case studies and quizzes, Imageon helps management gain valuable knowledge and the proper mindset for effective HR management in the U.S., while minimizing exposure to potential risks.

  • Introduction to American Employment Law and Risk Management in U.S. Human Resources
  • Preventing Harassment in the International Workplace
  • Supervisory Training 101
  • Performance Evaluation Training
  • Cultural Awareness -Japanese & U.S. Cultures
  • Conducting a Successful Interview
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