Our Company

Imageon “IMAGE (Idea and Goals) + ON (Realization)”, as its name suggests, serves as an approachable, affordable and reliable HR partner to our clientele, mainly U.S. subsidiaries of Japanese corporations, and provides realistic and effective solutions to their HR functions and support our clientele to operate at its fullest capacity and potential and succeed in U.S. market with great longevity of over approximately 30 years throughout the U.S.

Company Name Imageon Consulting, Inc.
Office 370 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2212,
New York, NY 10168
1994 Initiated human resources consulting services originally as ima consulting.
2009 Transferred the business by MBO (Management Buy Out) and changed the company name to Imageon Consulting, Inc.
Owner Taichi Jinnai
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Human Resources Department Outsourcing
  • Establishment of HR function (when entering U.S. market)
  • Human Resources program development
  • Human Resources Training
USA, New York


Taichi Jinnai

Imageon Consulting, Inc. President

Over the years, Taichi Jinnai has consulted on design and implementation of various human resources programs of international companies in the US based on their corporate strategies, culture and unique needs. He is recognized as a reliable business partner by many Japanese companies in the U.S. and provides wide range of HR consulting and advisory services, including designing performance management and compensation programs, human resources management training, organizational development/ restructuring and day-to-day HR troubleshooting.

Before becoming an owner and president of Imageon Consulting, Inc., Mr. Jinnai was Senior Consultant of Ernst & Young HR Advisory practice and provide various human resources consulting services to global corporations. Mr. Jinnai holds a B.A. from Meiji University in Japan and studied at the University of Washington in the international business program. Mr. Jinnai is certified as Senior Professional in Human Resources (“SPHR”).