Policies and Procedures

Formal, written policies and procedures (generally outlined in a Staff Handbook or other company documents), are the cornerstone of an organization’s compliance efforts and the basis of a unique corporate culture. Clearly communicated policies serve as tools for both management and staff in maintaining a fair and productive work environment. Handbooks also offer a level of legal protection by helping to ensure consistency in the offering of benefits, application of discipline, and decisions regarding other employment actions.

  • Staff Handbook Development

    • A Staff Handbook clarifies company policy, professional expectations, and corporate goals and philosophy to staff and managers. Maintaining a Staff Handbook ensures that policies are applied consistently and fairly to all staff members.

  • Business Trip Policy Design

    • In addition to a Staff Handbook, a Business Trip Policy provides detailed information about how business travel is treated. It helps staff to clarify acceptable procedures while traveling for business and outlines responsibilities for maintaining efficiency and cost effectiveness of business trips.

  • Miscellaneous Policy Creation and Implementation

    • Companies are often faced with situations or considerations that do not apply to all staff members; however, setting guidelines for treatment of these circumstances is just as important as maintaining standard policies and procedures. Conditions addressed by these policies may include appropriate use of corporate credit cards, company car usage and maintenance, and home office arrangements, among others.