Compensation Strategy

We believe in maintaining an evolving compensation strategy in line with business needs and current economic trends. We provide information essential to making informed compensation decisions, by performing research and conducting Compensation Surveys to analyze and compare current internal salary levels with market levels. We then consider internal and external factors, along with performance information to make specific recommendations for bonus payouts, salary increases, etc.

  • Compensation Survey Reports

    • Year-over-year compensation trends and statistics with the most up-to-date compensation planning information as reported directly by employers.
    • Market price assessment of each staff member’s total cash compensation based on responsibilities of the position, geographic location, industry, etc. using the most comprehensive survey information available.
    • Compensation planning information that addresses salary structures, internal and external equity, fixed pay, variable pay and other compensation issues, based on industry best practices.
    • Specific recommendations for effectively targeting compensation dollars based on the results of our analysis.
  • Sales Incentive Plans

    • Imageon is experienced in designing sales incentive plans used to motivate sales staff through variable pay awards based on any number of key performance indicators.