Imageon’s clients’ industries vary from finance, manufacturing, services and more, and the size of a company also varies from small to large. We take care of hundreds of projects each year and support client to solve their unique problems and issues. We assign project teams to each client or project to correspond clients’ needs.

Project Sample

  • HR Department Outsourcing (For Companies with 1~30 Staff)

    • This project is designed for companies that do not have a dedicated HR department. We communicate with staff, create documents as necessary, and conduct research, allowing your managers to focus on your core business. In addition we provide guidance and recommendations to support managers in making business decisions. Some clients consider our consultants as their “Local HR Administrator” and we visit the worksite regularly to communicate with staff, listen to workplace issues and concerns, and advise management on appropriate action, or communicate directly with staff as necessary.

  • Third-Party HR Specialist  (For Companies with 10~100 Staff)

    • This project is designed for companies that have a manager who is responsible for HR or have a HR Administrator (expatriate or locally hired). Basic internal communication is generally handled internally, with Imageon providing support for management and communicating directly with staff as necessary. We provide trainings, HR database, compensation support, and guidance and recommendations that may be viewed as fair information from an objective third-party source. Also, management or the HR team can contact us for ad hoc HR troubleshooting and to ask questions at any time.

  • Reliable Outside Resource (For Companies with 30~300 Staff)

    • This project is designed for the company that has a HR Director or specialist within the company. We provide support to the company’s HR team without getting involved at the staff level. We offer “behind the scenes” support to HR teams, providing research, creating documents, etc. In addition, expatriate management (and/or the overseas parent company) can compare in-house HR team information with our research results to determine best practice. We would recommend this project for those who already have a HR Specialist in-house.