Mission Statement

Turn Wants Into Reality – “Wants-Actualization”

According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the need for self-actualization (i.e. personal growth and fulfillment) is the highest level of human need and it is also the most difficult level to achieve. The motivation to realize one’s potential is considered to be the main motive in self-actualization. In the business world, staff are motivated to fulfill “wants and desires” regarding their internal and external environment, products & services, and skills & career development. However, most of those desires tend to remain unfulfilled due to working environment, working relations with management, supervisors, colleagues, and time constraints.

Imageon, as its name suggests, supports management and staffs IMAGE of identity and purpose in the workplace. Imageon works with clients to create business solutions that maximize productivity and potential while fostering growth both at the individual and organizational levels.

Core Principles

  • Creativity – Pursue creative methods of problem-solving and achieving goals and objectives
  • Passion – Maintain a passionate attitude towards our work
  • Agility – Utilize agility in our thinking and response
  • Planning – Well-considered and organized planning for success
  • Continuity – Continuity and consistency in both planning and implementation provide a solid foundation for success