HR Troubleshooting

Imageon acts as a resource and strategic partner by supporting management in various aspects of HR, by providing resources/statistics, providing HR documentation and recommendations based on our experience and expertise, and helping you to minimize risk and make the right decision at the right time.

  • Employee Relations

    • Imageon acts as an extension of your organization by communicating directly with staff to troubleshoot workplace issues and concerns or resolve employee conflict that can be costly. Some clients consider our consultants as their ’Local HR Team’.

  • Work as a third-party HR Specialist

    • Imageon may be used as third-party perspective when dealing with internal HR issues, for additional support during busy times, or for solutions to issues that may be new or unique to the company, helping to minimize time, effort, and risk.

  • Utilize Imageon as working resources

    • We can provide document templates, time savers, checklists, and other support, utilizing our internal knowledge database, allowing company’s HR Team to focus on other tasks or decisions.

  • Research

    • Imageon maintains resources and conducts research into a variety of business and industry-related information as necessary. We handle your research needs so that management can focus on running your business. In many cases, we can save our clients thousands of dollars on subscription services and efficiency.

  • Support Performance Management

    • By monitoring information in the HRIS database, we can assess the performance management process and report any delays or inefficiencies to Management, along with a detailed action plan for improvement.