• Inside America

    • In order for Japanese expatriates to work effectively in an American workplace, it is critical for them to understand and be able to implement American business culture and practices.

      Suggested participants: Japanese Expatriates new to US

  • Conducting a Successful Interview

    • Successful interviews are critical for attracting and retaining a company’s most valuable asset- its people. Hiring the right people for the right job results in increased productivity, higher staff morale, and lower total costs for the company.

      Suggested participants: Managers who need to conduct interviews

  • Managing Performance

    • When making employment decisions such as hiring, promoting, giving pay increases, terminating, transferring or training employees, it is critical that Management is able to document how and why it made such decisions. Effectively managing staff performance not only provides the Company with a layer of legal protection, it also leads to greater productivity and links performance to pay. The ability to consistently, fairly, and accurately evaluate staff performance is one of the Supervisor’s primary roles in the U.S.

      Suggested participants: Managers and Supervisors who have subordinates

  • Maximizing HR

    • Best practices in HR change at a rapid pace. This interactive, team-based training focuses on American employment law, company policies, performance management issues, linking pay to performance, and effectively managing performance problems.

      Suggested participants: People who need to strengthen HR Knowledge in US

  • Preventing Harassment in the International Workplace

    • Sexual harassment is a common and very costly reality of the American workplace. Sexual harassment claims can be damaging to the Company and to all individuals involved. The first step towards creating a harassment-free workplace is to provide training to staff at all levels in your organization.

      Suggested participants: To protect and inform about Sexual Harassment

  • Introduction to EEO and American Employment Law

    • It is critical that Managers understand the basics of employment law. American employment law is a broad and complicated area, but every Manager must comply with U.S. employment laws in order to create a non-discriminatory workplace and minimize legal risk.

      Suggested participants: Japanese Expatriates working in the US less than 2 years

  • Effective Management in the U.S.

    • In Japanese Companies in the U.S., Managers and Staff face unique challenges, including differences in language, culture, and management style. This training provides Managers with an understanding of how to effectively handle these challenges to motivate Staff, manage performance, improve morale and communication, and boost Company’s productivity and bottom-line.

      Suggested participants: Managers and Supervisors

  • Inside Japan

    • In order for locally-hired staff to work effectively with their Japanese expatriate colleagues, it is extremely helpful to understand Japanese cultural traits and the business norms and expectations of Japanese Managers. Local staff can then use this practical information to better communicate and work on a day-to-day basis with their Japanese colleagues.

      Suggested participants: To improve communication between Local Staff and Japanese Managers