Performance Management

Imageon supports our clients in managing performance to achieve company goals and improve staff productivity. By creating job descriptions, setting clear goals, conducting formal performance reviews, and minimizing gap between staff and management, we help companies make setting challenging goals and achieving them an integral part of corporate culture.

  • Create Job Descriptions

    • A Job Description outlines the main responsibilities of a position, as well as any skills, qualifications, attributes, and other requirements necessary to successfully perform the functions of the position.

  • Performance Management Schedule Maintenance

    • Imageon supports the scheduling of goal setting, midterm and annual reviews, and salary adjustments. We follow up with clients at key timing throughout the year to make sure that clients are on track with their process.

  • Annual Goal Setting Support

    • Imageon proactively communicates with managers and staff to set appropriate goals. We recommend goals based on company, department, and individual targets and objectives and perform quality and consistency checks, providing feedback as necessary.

  • Support Performance Reviews (Midterm and Annual)

    • Imageon supports our clients in completing Midterm Reviews, which serve as a valuable tool in ensuring that everyone is on track for achieving their goals, as well as Annual Reviews at the completion of the performance period to measure goal achievement. Similar to goal setting, we review each appraisal with a focus on fairness and consistency throughout the company.